Parade Info

Our 2018 Theme – Local Legends!

Red Lerille? Wayne Toups? The Cotton Candy Guy from the Cajundome? Pick your favorite Acadiana icon (or icons), and start planning your krewes, costumes, dance routines, and creations!

The parade will roll Friday, February 9 and start at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center. We’ll walk the length of Jefferson St. then through the historic Freetown-Port Rico neighborhood to end with a bash at Warehouse 535. Entry into the after-party is free to all krewe members.

Our Values


This parade is powered by the people! Krewe de Canailles is comprised of independent sub-krewes. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. In fact, we encourage it! Sub-krewes can have as many or as few people as you want. To join the movement, simply complete the sign-up form with some preliminary info, pay your dues, submit your theme for approval and turn up to the most unique parade in Lafayette! Just be ready to get creative.


The parade isn’t the only thing powered by the people! All floats are powered by human ingenuity. This is a parade without barricades, which means no combustible engines. It’s time to showcase Acadiana’s immense creativity in a way never done before. Sub-krewes aren’t limited to just floats, though. Dance krewes, marching bands and all other types of sub-krewes are welcome. This also allows us to uphold our third value – sustainability.


Along with combustible engines, there are also no plastic beads in this parade. We stand against the standard Mardi Gras practice of cavalierly discarding plastic bags that ultimately end up in our trees, gutters and waterways. Each sub-krewe will have our signature wooden doubloons to hand out, along with their own unique crowns they’ve created. Sub-krewes can also create their own signature throws, as long as they are as environmentally friendly!

Cost to Join


10 or More Members (limit 40 members)
  • Central theme required
  • Float, dancing or marching krewe


Less Than 10 Members
  • Central theme required
  • Float, dancing or marching krewe


To March in Independent Krewe
  • No central theme
  • March with other independent members